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Worldtour.... Lets go!

It is officially going to be the first time Blasterjaxx will hit 4 continents within a month. With Asia, Europe, North America and South America coming up it is definetely  going to be a busy month. With shows in countries like; China, Manilla, Philipines, Indonesia, Brasil, Chile and many more, there are lots of places to catch the Blasterboys. Besides, If you are from the West-coast of America and you don't have any plans for New Years Eve at this point, good news! The 31st of December Blasterjaxx will perform a special NYE show at club Avalon in Los Angeles! So if you want to  make sure you gonna start you new year with a banger, you now know where to go!



Blasterjaxx Getting back after 3 weeks of America.

Today is probably the day that a jetlag will kick in for both Blasterjaxx boys. After 3 weeks of touring northern America they will finally be back in the studio to produce some new bangers. The passed three weeks have been intense with shows in almost every part of the country as well as Canada. Also some studio sessions were on the schedule so be ready for new bangers. Now its time for some studio time and sessions with other artists, more info on this one soon. Firday its time to take-off once again, but this time without a jetlag. Its time for Kingsfest in Lisboa with names like Martin Garrix and DVBBS. Then another week of studiotime before its time to take off again. This time to Asia and South America. So stay tuned for all latest info, bangers and tours!


The first week of the Northern Amrica tour of Blasterjaxx has passed and there are two more to come. With shows last week in Philadeplhia, Las Vegas, California and Canada it was a busy schedule with lots of touring. From snow in canada to a Pool party in Las Vegas, all part of the Blasterlife. In Las Vegas Blasterjaxx played a show together with Carnage and made it even hotter out there. One day before the boys were on stage in San Bernandino at Escape from Wonderland together with names like Afrojack, Dash Berlin and Avicii. Now there are some days of rest but this weekend Edmonton and Montreal can prepare itself for Blastermadness. 

Blasterjaxx back to the states.

Last weekend you could have seen Blasterjaxx in two countries, Schotland and Belgium at two massive parties. In Schotland Blasterjaxx hosted their own night with support of Ibranovski, famous from his hit Vicious. This was one of the best gigs of the past month, the energy level was soo high they couldn't even belief it. Fortunately it was Idir his birthday so this was a nice gift acording to himself. The next morning it was time to move back to the aiport, with a little hangover. That night a big show was on the schedule in Belgium. With over 8000 party people, this was a great birthday weekend.  But there is more coming up. They have been back home for a while, but thursday its time for that hours long flight again, time to go back to the States. This time Blasterjaxx will do a tour of little over 2 weeks in which they visit Canada and America. With gigs in Philadephia, California, Vegas and Toronto there are plenty of places to catch them live. 

Blasterjaxx the new #13 Deejays of the world!

Last year they unexpectedly managed to enter the highly rated DJ Mag Top 100 deejays at #71. It was pure insanity, but this year they outdid theirselves and pushed the “Blaster movement” to a whole new dimension.

Overwhelmed with pride, we are happy to announce it to the world: Blasterjaxx hits the prestigious top 20 in the DJ Mag Top 100 polls and are the new #13 deejays of the world!! “Due to the support of all our fans and friends worldwide we have been able to obtain this stunning achievement. We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart for voting and all the amazing people involved in getting us this far!”, said Thom & Idir.

We will have a surprise coming up to celebrate, stay tuned…!

Blasterjaxx playing home sweet home.

Since you can find almost every dj in Amsterdam for ADE, you can also find Blasterjaxx behind the decks. During a huge Spinnin sessions upcoming friday you can find Blasterjaxx playing in the Heineken Musicall Hall. Together with Martin Garrix, Firebeatz, Oliver Heldens and Quintino they will make this an unforgetable ADE. Next to Spinnin you won't find them anywhere else besides some meetings, because that's what ade is meant for. Ade can be seen as a convention for the electronic music world. Below some facts that show the size of this convention.


- 80 clubs
- 2156 artists
- 450 events
- 300.000 visitors
- 5.000 professionals
- 140 locations
​- 460 journalists



AMF, that time of the year again.

It's almost that time of the year again, no, not christmas, its ADE. Next week Amsterdam Dance Event will start once again. With over 2000 artist in over 100 different locations, you just have to be there. All legends will come together and give you the night of your life. With as the grand final, AMF. AMF is the final party of ADE and also the DJ mag top 100 will get its release there, at the same time you can hear names like Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and W&W, so this is something you do not want to miss. Blasterjaxx wil have its play at Spinnin session at the Heineken Musicall Hall.  Together with names like: Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and Quintino they will rip this place apart and you dont want to miss this!

Blasterjaxx back on the road

The Blasterboys have had a couple studio days after some real intensive tours, but with the weekend coming up its time to get back to those airports. This weekend, Sweden can prepare itself for a dose of Blastermadness. With a gig on friday in Gotenburg Blasterjaxx will start their weekend with a bang. After their gig in Sweden its straight back to the aiport to fly on to Spain. In Spain its time for a 3.5 hour ride to Zaragoza where they will play another Blasterset on Saturday night. After spain its time to return back to home, The Netherlands. Then a couple more days to work on some new tracks before heading of to England to play at Laidback Lukes Super You&Me party at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.  So if you have no plans for this weekend, you might still wanna catch that plane and fly off to Sweden or Spain and catch Blasterjaxx Live.

Tomorrowworld, you were amazing

It was this time of the year again, time for TomorrowWorld. After the boys played their first Tomorrowland set ever this summer they were real hyped to now experience the American edition; TomorrowWorld. Because of their Tomorrowland experience, expectations were high for TomorrowWorld. At first sight, you could see they had a lot in common, good service, nice crew and especially a lot of happy, friendly ravers.  After it was time to take the stage over from Bassjackers, they immediately felt the energy as they felt on Tomorrowland. After their own set they found a little more energy left in their body to play another set. At the end of the night Blasterjaxx had the pleasure to play Back to Back with no one less then Laidback Luke and Dannic. As being four superhero's they smashed the stage.

Blasterjaxx getting some rest

After almost a year of non stop touring its time for a little rest. With only being home for one out of four weeks and an average of four hours of sleep a night the past half year its time to take it a little easier for a couple days. The boys planned a little vacation with friends to get some rest and totally relax. After a week of vacation its straight back to business with another America and Canadian tour on the program. Blasterjaxx will tour around North-America for two weeks and visit most of the states, so chances enough for you to catch them! With october coming up they planned some more studio time, but don't worry there are still plenty of gigs coming up in countries like England, Spain, Sweden, USA, Belgium and Canada.

Blasterjaxx on tour:

Blasterjaxx being on  tour is not such big news, since they are mostly on tour, but augusts has been little different. With only three days where they were in their home country The Netherlands. This month included 2 American tours, a Mexico tour, Ireland, Ibiza, Sweden, Austria, England and France.  With shows like Creamfields and the endshow of Revealed at Ushuaia this has been an unforgetable month.  Next week its time for a little rest before continueing back to the States and Canada. A little vacation has been booked to get some rest after a year of almost continues touring, but first they go back to France upcoming saturday to play at the Inox Festival together with their colleagues Showtek and Sidney Samson. 

Blasterjaxx Smashing Creamfields

Last saturday Blasterjaxx flew straigt from Austria to England to complete their show at Creamfields.  As before they smashed the Super You and Me stage hosted by no one less than Laidback Luke. The crowd was hyped as always in England and Blasterjaxx enjoyed Creamfields from tip to toe. Together with names like Dj Chuckie and DVVBS they made creamfields a party the crowd won't forget anytime soon. After their set at creamfields the boys continued from Liverpool on to Newcastle for another quick show. After England its time for yet another short America Tour. With gigs coming up in San Diego, San Jose en Los Angeles, California with be blasterised upcoming week.

Blasterjaxx participating for ALS.

As you probably have already noticed, the Icebucket Challenge is going wild. In order to get more support for the horrible disease called ALS a lot of people started with a new hype called the Icebucket Challenge. Also the Blasterjaxx boys got nominated and they definetly did their challenge! They came up with a complete new idea to complete this challenge the Blaster way. Whilst driving their car they got buckets from behind as well from the side and as most people do these challenges in sunny places and dry up, they did it whilst it was 15 degrees and windy. Next to the Icebucket they also donated an amount of money to help research to the horrible disease.

Gravity on its way to the top

It has not even been 5 days since Blasterjaxx released their latest production; gravity. Gravity is the third release within a month. After Legend comes to life hitting the 3rd spot on the Beatport mainchart and their free track Vision getting more than 300.000+ listens on Soundcloud it was time for a new beatport track. The teaser of Gravity got more than 400.000 views and the hype was set. Gravity recently got played and supported by names like: Oliver Heldens,  Bassjackers, W&W and Hardwell. Currently Gravity can be found at the 12th spot of the Beatport mainchart and still rising!

America, we are back!

It has been a while but finally Blasterjaxx is going back. The first week of august Blasterjaxx is returning to the US for a couple of gigs to continue to Mexico for another three gigs.  First, two gigs in New Jersey which they haven't seen yet. To continue a little more down south to Florida.  Afterwards it is time for their first little tour trough Mexico. Three Gigs together with D.O.D. are on the program and so far it has been amazing. After Mexico the Blasterboys will continue their tour to Texas for a show, before they fly back to their homecountry, The Netherlands. Although we haven't had a lot of time in the US, don't worry they will be back soon!


Tomorrowland, nothing but love!

Some call Disney the happiest place on earth, Blasterjaxx calls tomorrowland the happiest place on earth from now on. This year the Blasterjaxx boys had the opportunity to make their entrance at the most prestigious fesitval world wide. What made this even bigger, they got the opportunity to play both weekends! The first weekend they came straight from the aiport but as soon as they saw the magical letters of tomorrowland, they were completely awake. Everything from the artist village to the stage was completely sorted out and perfectly organised. When Blasterjaxx saw their stage (Super You and Me stage) their mind was blown by the creative aspect of this. As soon as they entered the stage they got that magical feeling of hapiness. All those flags and people gave this festival a vibe they won't forget anytime soon and from now on they will always remember ''Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is mystery''

Started from the bottom now they are here

Not even 9 months ago Blasterjaxx crossed the magical line of 100.000 friends on Facebook, now they can add another zero to this number, the Blasterjaxx Facebook reached ONE MILLION FRIENDS. They would like to thank all their raver friends for supporting them. They see everything you guys post, react or comment and they feel honored every single day! As you probably have read Blasterjaxx is going to give away a FREE track with the reach of 1.000.000 friends. More info about this soon on their Facebook.

Maxximize on air Youtube live broadcast

This Friday episode #005 of Maxximize On Air and from now on we're going LIVE!! Every friday night from 22:00 till 23:00pm(UTC/CET +01:00) trough our official Blasterjaxx Youtube channel (

Maxximize On Air Live

Every Friday

22:00 - 23:00pm (UTC/CET +01:00)

Use hashtag #MOA005; interact with all the Maxximize On Air fellow listeners and let us know what you think about the tracks are played.

Follow us on Twitter(@MaxxmizeOnAir), Facebook (Maxximize On Air) or Instagram(Maxximize_onair) & don't forget to use hashtag #MOA.

Maxximize = 100% loudness - Don't forget to share us with more than only your neighbors!

Faith going platinum in Sweden

Almost a year ago (the 17th of July 2013) Blasterjaxx came with their first commercial release, 'Faith'. Now, a year and much more tracks later, this track is still one of the favorites all over the world including a favorite from Blasterjaxx themselves. Wherever the Blasterjaxx boys play 'Faith' people know the lyrics from letter to letter. Not much after the release of 'Faith', it already floated into the charts in Holland with as a peak being the Dancesmash on the most popular pop radio channel in The Netherlands, Radio 538.  After this succes, the road to the top continued. Not even a month after reaching their 'Dancesmash' position the boys from Blasterjaxx got the news that Faith reached the number one position in the official South-African charts. Currently 'Faith' is still going strong worldwide which can be traced back to the latest news, 'Faith' going Platinum in Sweden. With more than 7.2 Million streams going Double-platinum might be in reach soon. Not even 2 weeks After this enormous news 'Faith' also went Gold in Denmark. 

Maxximize On Air

The rumors are true! You guys have been asking for it for a while and now it's finally coming... Our very own Blasterjaxx radioshow/podcast: Maxximize On Air. Maxximize On Air - Share us with more than only your neighbors!

Maxximize On Air will be:

  • 100% Monster Tunes
  • 100% trouble with your neighbors
  • 100% Against Miley’s Twerking
  • 100% Musical Eargasm
  • 100% Blasterjaxx

Blasterjaxx finishing up

Don't worry, Blastjeraxx themselves wont finish up anytime soon, but they will Finish up their list of biggest festival they would love to play at. So far they have played at almost all bigger festivals they dreamed of, including: Ultra South-Africa, Ultra Korea, Ultra Miami, EDC NY and EDC Las Vegas. Yet, one is missing, Tomorrowland. Now its time to officially announce that their dream-list of festivals has been fulfilled, Blasterjaxx will be represent during Tomorrowland 2014. If you thought this news was great, it gets even better. As you all know Tomorrowland will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary and will therefor be two weekends instead of one. Blasterjaxx got the opportunity to play both weekends at the seccond biggest stage; Super you and me! Therefor twice as much opportunity to come spot them live as they will give away an even better set then you used to!

Maxximize: Thank you

We can't describe what happened last night. Our very first own event in a full packed Maassilo in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and it was straight out INSANE. This was one of the best nights of our life.

So much love for all the Maxximizers who came out and Maxximized their rave. THANK YOU SO MUCH! A special love shout out to all artists: Laidback Luke, Bassjackers, Ummet Ozcan, D.O.D, Billy The Kit, Franky Rizardo, La Fuente, Kenneth G, Badd Dimes, Ibranovski, Rancido, Deep Journey, Bibossa & Dublanc, Sheila Hill, Robbie Rise, MC Pyro and Sebastian Flaes.

And remember: it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. See you at the next one! This was #Maxximize.

bio- & discography

We enjoy every second.


This is who we are

Thom Jongkind (24) and Idir Makhlaf (22), better known as producer/deejay duo Blasterjaxx in the music industry, are anything but the same. While one is often prominent and empowering, the other prefers staying quietly in the background - a fairly high contrast in character. However, there is one significant reason for the phenomenal connection between these two personalities: their passion and love of music.

In 2012, Blasterjaxx was able to show their true nature and proved to be everything but an ephemera. Together with D-Rashid they produced the Reborn EP with two tracks: Reborn and Where We Go. An EP-name with a story behind it, for this EP is in fact symbolic for Blasterjaxx’ renewed sound, which they want to introduce and conquer the worldwide audience with. A rebirth that eventually turned out to be a bombshell, because none other than Laidback Luke was eager to sign the tracks at his own label: Mixmash Records.

Blasterjaxx experienced one of the highlights in their relatively young career in early 2013, as they produced their newest production Loud & Proud together with Billy The Kit. None other than Tiësto approached the guys personally to sign the track at his own record label
Musical Freedom.

Many successes and milestones followed which resulted in the fact that Blasterjaxx are now seen as one of the most promising EDM artists in the world. Something Thom & Idir are very down-to-earth with, but the facts don’t lie. For example Tiësto asked them in person to remix his worldwide hitsingels 'Adagio For Strings' & 'Love Comes Again'.

Also the Blasterjaxx single 'Faith' has been doing really good. The single officially made it to the status of 'Dance Smash' in Holland. The “Dance Smash” is a weekly track nomination choosen by Hollands biggest radiostation '538' which they think has huge potential to become a worldwide hit. After a couple of weeks Faith reached the #1 spot in the South African charts.

Although it already was a good Blasterjaxx year full of great news and highlights, things were getting better on the 19th of October 2013: Blasterjaxx entered the DJ Mag Top 100 best deejays in the world on #71! With this they are ranked in the most exclusive DJ list in the world with legends like als Avicii, Tiësto, Hardwell, David Guetta, Afrojack, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Laidback Luke, Kaskade, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and a few more legendary names.

All rumors about Blasterjaxx just being ephemera in 2013 immediately got rejected as soon as 2014 started. In the begining of 2014 they immediately scored their second #1 Beatport hit within 6 months, this time with their solo release 'Mystica'. Not even a month later they hit the spot again with their track 'Titan' which reached the top 3 within days. Then, completely unexpected, another number one hit, together with Armin van Buren.




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